Immediately following the election, documentary filmmaker and editor Carol Martori connected with Mobilize Media founder Hana Leshner with an idea: the Women’s March on Washington is going to be huge, let’s go document it.  With the help and support of colleagues and friends, we are preparing to embark on a journey into feminist consciousness in 2017, starting with this massive and historic moment.  The ultimate form of our exploration into “The Fourth Wave” of American feminism will be a feature film, but true to the mission of Mobilize Media Partners, we plan to allow the story to dictate the message, and follow wherever it leads.


Week of February 13, 2017: We’ve got a new site for the project and a new name for this partnership between Carol and Hana!  All updates for this project will now take place on our new site. Check it out here:

We’ve filmed two marches since we got back from D.C. and we just completed our first application for funding.  Next steps… More filming and more applications for funding.

Week of January 23, 2017: Churning through footage from the march; we have over 10 hours of footage!  It was a fantastic experience.  Stay tuned for next steps!

Week of January 16, 2017: Follow co-creators Carol Martori and Hana Leshner on social media as we head to Washington, D.C. to document a momentous occasion in American history.